Re: Feedback/Suggestions/Bugs
Re: Feedback/Suggestions/Bugs
Yes, polling is significantly impaired, so it's not an isolated problem.
Re: Feedback/Suggestions/Bugs
AgentBlue Wrote:Yes, polling is significantly impaired, so it's not an isolated problem.
Perhaps you should be more specific, considering I went in and did some poll-repairing last night and then a bunch of us got together and had a poll party with the explicit goal of checking to see if they worked for everyone. There were zero issues then, so you're apparently in a different situation and should maybe say more than just "it's broken fix it."

Not The Author Wrote:I broke spoilers
Clearly this is all your fault and you've ruined spoilers forever. Way to go. (Yeah, I'm going to look into fixing this, but I don't think it's going to be easy.)

Jovian Wrote:can we have boxes on our profile for Windows Live/Skype names? those are pretty much the only messengers I use and somehow they're the ones absent from a profile!
I dipped a toe into the code and it looks like the various messenger slots are fairly hard-coded in. I'll see about changing them, but I can't promise much.
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Solaris Wrote:Is there anyway that we can get
[Image: PiMYH.png]
are called to have the name of the topic/subforum instead of Eagle Time *View Topic * [Topic Name]
The page titles should now be [Whatever] * Eagle Time. (For anyone who ever runs phpBB in the future, just know that there are a number of things that require you cracking open some PHP that don't seem like they should. Page titles: one of them. Seriously, it seems like a grab bag whether something is going to be a simple fix or whether it'll require tracking something through code to where it's eventually defined.)
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How do you like your eggs done?

(Alternatively, how many can a man eat)
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[quote="name"] works.
[quote=name], without quotation marks, doesn't.

It would be a bit more convenient at times if the latter worked. Not that this is a big deal, it's just a little thing that would be nice to have.
Re: Feedback/Suggestions/Bugs
Re: Feedback/Suggestions/Bugs
I agree
[Image: iqVkAVO.gif]
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It should blink occasionally.

E: Oh wait no there it goes
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Hardly an urgent thing but I was wondering if at some point it would be possible to have more than five links in a signature?
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Ix don't be silly that low of a limit would be just absurd what are you talking about
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I appear to be doing something wrong with tags, but I can't figure out what it is.

This was the text I entered:

But this is the result I'm getting:

Instead of losing its colour, the last line of words instead lost its boldness and its font. It seems to have swapped around the intended effects? A fix for this or just a method of writing the tags so the correct effect takes place would be very much appreciated.

Re: Feedback/Suggestions/Bugs
If I recall rightly, phpBB3 isn't too smart about tags. You've got to 'nest' them properly so the "innermost" tags stay "innermost" (woo non-knowledgable explanations go.) So I think they should go in order:

[b][font=Sylfaen][color=#3a136b]The decision was uneasily made...[/color]

The Day has ended...[/b][/font]

testing that out now:


Yup, that seems to have done it. So if [b] and [font] are the "universal" tags for the piece, they go on the outside. If that still makes no sense, perhaps prod Pines about it.
Re: Feedback/Suggestions/Bugs
Ah, I see. I remember that forums always seem eager to have you arrange your tags properly but I never got why. Thank you!
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So I was writing a relatively big post for the politics thread but then I had lunch before finishing it and when I came back and clicked submit (or was it preview???) I was apparently logged out and the forum asked me to log in and I lost my post.

And I was all [Image: eaglecry-2.gif]

it is probably my fault maybe though?
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The logo on the top is very nice, but when I ctrl+scroll to make the text bigger (phpbb always has it just a bit too tiny for me to feel comfortable) the banner grows with it, messing up the pretty dithering! Could you fix the banner's size to a certain amount?
quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur.
Re: Feedback/Suggestions/Bugs
Sorry, Woffles, but only you can prevent forest fires.

(That's not really a thing that I can do, but your web browser should have a setting to "Zoom Text Only" or some such.)
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Oh, hey.

We're officially done with that "Closed beta" shit; there's a still a few bits and pieces I need to nudge Pinary to wrap up at some point but otherwise you're free to invite peeps in.
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the new banner has struck me blind with its glory

i actually have no idea if i'm in the right thread Whoa
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I don't understand it and this is wonderful
Re: Feedback/Suggestions/Bugs
Is she riding, like... on its shoulder or something

Where is her other leg

Inside the eagle, maybe

( Minion )

It should still blink occasionally
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Could we please have an easier "code word" for registration? I know I am not always the brightest crayon in the box, but it sounds like some other users have had problems finding it as well. Is there anything wrong with perhaps bolding it? Or maybe writing, The code word is _____. I felt that I had read the Terms of Usage well enough, yet I skimmed over it. And the last thing you want on a newly-developing forum is a mechanic that inhibits new users from joining.
Re: Feedback/Suggestions/Bugs
Nah, we're going to keep the weird registration stumbling block. We may lose some potential members over it, but if they're people who aren't even on good enough terms with any of the people who are already on the forum that they can't ask them "hey what's this dumb "secret word" question about?" then I wouldn't be too rightly sure why we they wanted to show up in the first place.
Re: Feedback/Suggestions/Bugs
The idea seems sound enough but I would think that it would make more sense to stick the word in one of the parts that actually cover the terms that the user is supposed to follow rather than the otherwise irrelevant-to-the-end-user section about phpBB and their stuff. I read everything carefully except for that last part, (bit unusual even for my standards but hey) and then came to the registration only to go "Out of place word? Where was that?" and then proceeded to reread the user-relevant portion twice before looking at the bottom part. Eh, it works as is, but moving it a bit would make a little more sense to me anyway.

/useless semi-rant
Re: Feedback/Suggestions/Bugs
I think it's a little unfair to call people lazy because they can't pick out the word partridge in the paragraph normally reserved for the most serious of business, and saying they lack reading comprehension because of it is even more of a stretch. Reading comprehension is about understanding what you read, not being the best at I Spy. Like JR I gave the thing a few good readthroughs before I really examined it with eagle eyes (tee hee), and by that time I had called bullshit and threw the block of text into spelling and grammar check. That being said, I'd agree that putting it slightly earlier in the terms or giving it its own sentence would be best, but it is not my forums.