The Broken Prophecy (Walls O' Text)

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The Broken Prophecy (Walls O' Text)
The Broken Prophecy (Walls O' Text)
RE: The Broken Prophecy (Walls O' Text)
RE: The Broken Prophecy (Walls O' Text)
RE: The Broken Prophecy (Walls O' Text)
RE: The Broken Prophecy (Walls O' Text)

> Backtrack to the Salt and Cedar forest. Load up and just toss all of that in there.
RE: The Broken Prophecy (Walls O' Text)
Hey i read it!

Btplot summary

Blackbird> RIDE THE MOTH

Edwin > magic armor gas mask

(on this graph we can see that time invested in an adventure does not correlate with the overall quality of suggestions.)
RE: The Broken Prophecy (Walls O' Text)
Extreme Parkour i bet that the cave will only let you through with XTREME
RE: The Broken Prophecy (Walls O' Text)
"I may have an idea," Edwin said. "Do you think I could create some sort of mask from a crystal shard, to protect me from the gas?"
"Worth a try, I suppose," Blackbird mused. He handed Edwin a shard. "Here, use this one; yours are best saved for after you get through the gateway."
"Thank you." Edwin thought over an appropriate incantation, and then settled on it.
"May the air I breathe be true!"

In a flash of light, a strangely-shaped crystalline helmet covered Edwin's face. He stared at Blackbird through a transparent visor.
"It appears to have worked," Edwin said. "Now, you said you could likely get through this on your own?"
"I've got experience with this cave, and I'm not held down by that armor," the hunter replied.
"All right. Then you go ahead with your own plan, and keep the moth distracted if you can. I'll try to run past the slugs while this mask lasts. If anything goes wrong, well, I suppose I'll deal with that when I get there"
And with that, Edwin rushed forward. Blackbird smirked as he looked at the giant moth.
"Look at that fool, rushing headfirst into danger with only the barest hint of a plan. Now that brings back memories."
Blackbird leapt for the wall just as the floor collapsed below him, and quickly grabbed onto one of the embedded skulls. Just before the bones bit down on his fingers, he leapt for a rib cage further up the wall. Quickly, but deliberately, he made his way higher up the cavern, towards its ceiling.

Edwin would have been impressed by the hunter's agility if he had taken the time to look up. As it was, he simply rushed through slugs blindly, ignoring the toxic fumes from their slime trails, and rushing forward, unsure of how long the crystal would protect him.

And then he stepped the tip of a slug's tail. It turned towards him and screeched loudly. The noise echoed through the crystal of Edwin's helmet, nearly deafening him.
Nonetheless, Edwin pressed on, only stopping to regain his bearings when a massive spined leg dug into the stone behind him.
The slug's cry had drawn its mother's attention. The moth was trying to crush him, and he had only avoided that first blow by pure luck. He would have to pause and predict its next strike - but could he afford the delay while deep in this pit of toxins?

And then he heard Blackbird's voice from above.
"Keep moving!" the hunter shouted. He grabbed onto an arm sticking out of the ceiling, and leapt from it onto the moth's back.
Edwin's short time with Blackbird had already taught him to obey orders. He kept running forward, as Blackbird kicked the titanic insect with great force.

The moth seemed confused, and tried to strike the intruder on its back, losing sight of the other one threatening its young. When the flailing of its limbs failed, it started flapping its wings, and smashing into the walls of the cavern.

And then Edwin felt the ground under his feet starting to give way.
"Damn this cave!" he shouted, running forward faster and leaping with all his might into the air. He caught one of the moth queen's spiked legs, and grabbed onto it for dear life, now worried about the stability of the rest of the ground.

"Nice move there, youngster!" Blackbird shouted down to him. "Now, have you got any bright ideas for what we do from here?"
RE: The Broken Prophecy (Walls O' Text)
> clearly the best course of action is to shove a crystal into the moth's head, in an attempt to imbue it with sentience. Then reason or gamble with it in order to facilitate your escape.
RE: The Broken Prophecy (Walls O' Text)
RE: The Broken Prophecy (Walls O' Text)
Flail flail flail flail flail flail
RE: The Broken Prophecy (Walls O' Text)
Edwin tried to think, but he was hardly in a prime position for it. And it didn't help matters that he could feel his crystalline mask starting to fade away; soon he'd be exposed to the gas and even less helpful. He began climbing the moth's leg in hopes of delaying his next hallucination, and as he did, he shouted back the first idea that came to mind.

"Perhaps you could strike it in the head with a crystal weapon?"
"Can't see how that would help, myself, but it's not as if I've got any better ideas," Blackbird replied. "I'll give it a shot." He reached into his pouch and pulled out a shard.

The moth's head was a fair distance away, and Blackbird's seat was rather precarious. After a moment's thought, he decided on the most appropriate weapon to call on for the task.

"Grant me a flail!"

The crystal changed into a morningstar, and Blackbird swung it at the moth's head. The spiked ball dug in and the moth started to screech horribly as it continued its wild flight.

And then, suddenly, its screeches changed to words.

"Is... Is it talking?" Edwin gasped.
"The crystal must be translating its thoughts!" Blackbird shouted downward. "I've never seen anything like this before." He turned his attention back to the moth. "Can you understand us, too?"
"Well, I suppose that answers that question," Blackbird muttered under his breath. "Maybe we can talk this thing into letting us off near the gate, one way or another. But how should we go about it?"
RE: The Broken Prophecy (Walls O' Text)

Wait a moment...That moth's screeching sounds an awful lot like Friar Lepid when he used to chase bats from his parish's belfry. He used to care for silkmoths. (his parish was known for it's textiles). You had heard rumors that he grew a little too fond of his moths, but you only met with him a few times after that whole "vision to end the world" thing.

Of course you might be wrong and just hallucinating that whole thing.
RE: The Broken Prophecy (Walls O' Text)
Grab the crystal and start wiggling it about!
RE: The Broken Prophecy (Walls O' Text)
Okay Edwin, you gots to use your crazy pantsless power!!!




Okay, if she's right there behind the SUPER IMPORTANT TIME PORTAL, then what you've got to do is just do or say something that will trick her into letting the two of you switch places. Maybe hold a hostage or say that you will go get eaten willingly and do NO HARM AT ALL if she just let's you get crushed to death by her.
RE: The Broken Prophecy (Walls O' Text)
Alright, so what if you told her something about how her kids would be safer if they didn't have to be near that big camp of evil?

Hows-a-bout something involving parents, is Blackbird a dad?

Maybe mentioning something that might make her less inclined to pig out and eat you or something, like maybe having her kids to it because they'd presumably be easier to outrun or something?



RE: The Broken Prophecy (Walls O' Text)
As Blackbird puzzled over their situation, Edwin suddenly shouted.

"We'd be a terrible meal for your children!" he screamed. "We're awfully fattening. And what sort of parenting is this? Don't you realize there's a camp filled with demons not a mile away from here? Your children won't be safe! Honestly, does your husband know you raise them like this?"


"Oh, well, that explains why you're so overweight!"


"...I hope Blackbird thinks of something soon," Edwin muttered. "I'm running out of distraction ideas."


"Well, you've got gas... wait, that voice sounds familiar!"

Slowly, Edwin's eyes came into focus and he saw Blackbird standing over him, as well as an elderly priest.

"Ah, good. When I struck that beast in the head, she went down right away and dropped you in the gas. I think your mask was already fading. I wasn't sure how to get you out, but then I tried to pull the crystal out of her brain. I think it struck a nerve and sent that leg sticking right up. You were delirious, but we made it to the gateway."

"Oh. Good," Edwin said awkwardly. "Er... that moth didn't talk, did she?"

Blackbird stared at him. "No."

"Just trying to sort my thoughts out." Edwin turned to the other man. "And, um... Father Lepid, what are you doing here? Am I still hallucinating?"

The old priest shook his head. "No, no. I fled here when the Grand Church fell. Before the cave was transformed. Unfortunately, that meant I was trapped in here when the transformation happened; luckily, Blackbird happened upon me before I starved."

"Unfortunately, the old man's not really in any shape to make it out of this cavern," Blackbird interjected. "So I've been stopping by regularly to bring him food and water. It's how I learned this cave so well."

"And in exchange, I provide him with medicine, for himself and for the poor souls caught out there," Lepid concluded. "Such as the remedy for the hallucinogens. I had to give you a stronger dose, you consumed quite a bit of gas."

"Ah... oh." Edwin rubbed his head. "That may be why I still feel dizzy."

"I do apologize. I only had a chance to study the natural form of the hallucinogen back at home. Do you recall my silkworms?"

Edwin nodded. "Yes. I recall that some of your parishioners were, ah, concerned about them."

Lepid sighed. "Well, perhaps I was a bit obsessed. Brought some with me when I fled, and, er, dropped them on the way here. The dark magic flowing through this cavern transformed them into the creatures you saw. So I feel a particular responsibility to keep them from harming anyone."

Edwin paused. "Wait. Why is this place safe, then?"

"The gateway radiates holy energy," Blackbird explained. "It's enough to keep the cave from messing around here."

"Sadly, it means I don't see much scenery," Lepid sighed. "I can't use the gateway myself; it seems to be for return trips only."

"And speaking of that, it's about time for you to head home," Blackbird said with a smile. "Although, you might have some more questions for your old friend here first; he may just know something that could help you out."

RE: The Broken Prophecy (Walls O' Text)
Ask him about what fell when, traitors in the ranks of the humans, any plot specific pivotal points :v

Ask him what happened to loved one that you had to have had like really.

RE: The Broken Prophecy (Walls O' Text)
Yeah, a general history of the last days of man would be pretty nice. Any allies that could help you would be great too. Also any known locations of truth crystals.

Oh as a side note, mention that you had battled a mockery of Alicia before. Does he know anything about the ritual that caused that, is there a way you could prevent that from happening (like finding her remains)? I suppose it's not mission critical, but it's disappointing for her to fall into a fate like that.

Oh also ask about Rhakkashalgaros. What did he do exactly?
RE: The Broken Prophecy (Walls O' Text)
Edwin decided to start from the beginning.

"What happened, exactly? The demons have taken most of the villages, and I've heard both the castle and the Grand Church have fallen. How did they manage this? And when? Did any humans turn on us?"

Father Lepid sighed.

"I'm afraid I can't be of much help to you there. I was a bit preoccupied with treating the sick and wounded, and I preferred to keep to myself, my herbs, and my silkworms when I had the time to spare. But I'll tell you what I remember.

"I served in the village of Aven, as you'll recall. It was one of the first to suffer from the demon raids. But the demons seemed more concerned with razing the buildings than in killing us. They slaughtered any villagers who got in their way, but if we fled, they ignored us. Perhaps they sought something in our village.

"Regardless of their reasons, most of us survived, and we fled to the Grand Church. It was a long way, and we had no horses to ease the journey, but I knew we would be safe there. We arrived shortly after you had delivered the news of Alicia's death. I was shocked to hear of it, and even more that you had been declared a heretic; but those thoughts soon became buried as I devoted myself to my work.

"Due to my expertise in herbs, I was quickly assigned to aid the medics, and it kept me quite busy. It was rare that new arrivals were in good shape, after all. And it seemed that the demons had stepped up their attacks, perhaps emboldened by the death of our prophesied hero; I soon gave up trying to keep track of all the villages that fell, as the sheer number was depressing.

"It was a mere two weeks later that the castle fell. I recalled that much clearly, as I was surprised to see several knights in my makeshift infirmary. From that day on, there was a sense among us all that the battle had already been lost.

"Yet the days continued as usual. More villages fell, and more refugees arrived. I was busier than ever. I lost track of how long it was then - it might have been days, weeks, even months, I was too busy to care.

"And then, suddenly, the demons struck the Grand Church itself. I am not sure how they did it; perhaps they sent spies along with the refugees, or perhaps they had simply gained enough power. Whatever the case, they soon overwhelmed all of our knights, and the rest of us fled. I do not know how many survived that attack, or the harshness of the world now that the demons reign."

Edwin looked down sadly.

"Blackbird," he said, finally. "If I go back, is there some chance I might stop this?"

The mercenary shrugged.

"Could be. As I said, I've never managed a large-scale change." Then he smiled. "But if I were in your shoes, I'd go for it. If this ruined future really can't be changed, then what do you stand to lose by trying?"

Edwin smiled.

"Thank you. Now, I suppose I still have some questions..."

RE: The Broken Prophecy (Walls O' Text)
Oh, ask him if anyone besides Blackbeard has used that portal, also if there is a way to come back if need be?

Ask Blackbeard what changes he has managed.
RE: The Broken Prophecy (Walls O' Text)
"Has anyone else used the gateway?"
Father Lepid shook his head.
"Not since I've been here. I don't know any more about it than what Blackbird has told me. You can have a closer look at it once you're ready to leave if you'd like."
"And is there a way I might return to this time?"
Blackbird spoke up.
"You could always try coming back the same way you got here, but I can't guarantee you'll like what you see, or even that you'll be able to get back to the return gateway again. I'd suggest you take care of what you can in your own time before you try it."
Edwin nodded.
"I understand. One more thing, Blackbird. You said you've managed to change the future in small ways. Could you tell me more about that?"
Blackbird paced around the room and said nothing for the better part of a minute, then let out a small sigh.
"I'll be honest. Every time I've tried to change something for the better, something else has gone worse. If I stop a man from breaking his leg, he'll break his arm instead. If I save one man's life, another dies. I've never changed the outcome of a battle or prevented a war, and to be quite honest, with that track record I'm not sure I want to see what would happen if I did."
Edwin looked down, dejected.

"So if I stopped the demons from winning the war... might I bring on as great a catastrophe?"
"It's possible," Blackbird conceded. "But let me ask you this. You saw that vision of Alicia facing the demons, did you not?"
Edwin nodded.
"Yes. And it showed that we would lose if she fell."
"And what did you do when she fell?"
A determined look crossed Edwin's face.
"I swore to fight on. It was what she would have wanted."
Blackbird smiled.
"And what would she want you to do now?"
"She would want me to fight for a better future than this."
"Then you'd best not disappoint her," Blackbird said with a grin.
"I will not. It would be a disgrace to her memory..."
Edwin's face suddenly turned pale as his words trailed off.
"What troubles you, Edwin?" Father Lepid asked. "You seem worried.
"I have another question. An important one."
"Go on," said the older priest.
Edwin took a deep breath before he continues.

"When I came to Mira's village, it was attacked by knights who had fallen in battle. And Alicia, or rather, a demon inhabiting her body, was their commander."
A look of worry crossed Blackbird's face, but he said nothing.
"Is there some way I can prevent this perversion of fate? I realize necromancy is a forbidden art, and you would know little of it, but might there be a way to sanctify her corpse?"
Father Lepid mused.
"The best I have is a guess. There's an old funeral rite which may be of help here. It was considered outdated even in my youth, but there were a few aging traditionalists who requested that it be performed at their burials."
"Why do you think it might help?"
"As I said, it's merely a guess... but the rite was said to date from the time of the Conqueror."
"The Necromancer-King," Edwin said breathlessly. "His army of the dead was feared across the entire realm. Even bodies that had been reduced to ash could rise up under his command."
"You know your history well," Father Lepid replied with a nod. "And so this rite may just be what you need. I should remind you, though, that this is only a guess. And the rite, though not complex, may take some work to perform."
"Tell me," Edwin said. "I cannot let the bodies of my comrades be misused."
"There is a flower. Red petals, a white center. It only grows high in the mountains, and there are few patches left. Sprinkle the petals on the corpse, and let a loved one speak these words:
"To you who have passed on,
I pledge to live with your memory.
As we bonded in life, so shall we bond in death.
"Thank you," Edwin said quietly.
"I cannot promise this will work. And, of course, as it needs a loved one, you may not be able to protect all the fallen knights even if you were to find enough flowers."
"I must try," Edwin replied. "They gave their lives for a better future, I cannot allow the demons to make a mockery of that sacrifice."
"You are a brave young man, Edwin," Father Lepid said, tears welling up in his eyes. "And to think that the Church, in its last days, called you a heretic! I can only hope this injustice will be righted when you return."
"It is enough to know that there are good men on my side. Thank you, Father, for all you've done for me."
Edwin embraced his old colleague, and turned to Blackbird.
"I believe I'm ready to return," he said.
"Not quite," the mercenary grumbled. "There are some questions you're forgetting to ask. I've got info you'll need about Damien when you return, and I also need to tell you some important things about Rhakkashalgaros."

RE: The Broken Prophecy (Walls O' Text)
Damien is...YOUR SON!

Nah, nah I'm just joking...but seriously he does look a lot like you, are you sure you didn't fool around some during your pre-priest days? The town he was born in is known for its...fraternizing...with lesser demons. Though it is situated at a place where the barrier between the realms is naturally thin, so it makes sense for the inhabitants to have contact with that realm.

As a churchman of TRUTH CRYSTAL AND WOMEN ARE BAD he would probably know about /that/ village. Welp! He's already a heretic so no harm done going there now!

Rhakkashalgaros, isn't even a demon at all, but some other thing that was banished to their realm and slowly took control. Its name is reminiscent of Lord Rhak, a mythical leader from eons ago who was said to have aided the gods in forging the truth crystal. It's uncertain if Rhakkashalgaros was Lord Rhak, or if Rhak was the one who banished it in the first place. The information is sketchy because it comes from a patchy comparison of both the pre and post demon invasion lores.

Demons are a prideful bunch and the knowledge that their big bad isn't even one of them is a closely guarded secret even in future times - gaining that knowledge was a feat of its own. Rhakkashalgaros, appoints spokesmen to help spread his influence in both the demon and human realms. The demon knight Edwin defeated when he shattered the truth crystal was one such spokesman. The risen Alicia was another.

It is also known by other names, Great Corrupter, Devastation, The Abyssal. Though these names are more or less honorifics given by the spokesmen, they are recognized by demons (and more knowledgeable/subjugated humans).

RE: The Broken Prophecy (Walls O' Text)
"All right, then. What do I need to know about Damien?"
"Well, as you may have guessed, he's been partially corrupted by the demons. In your time, at any rate; as you saw, in this time he was almost completely demonic. To be perfectly honest, up until he gave us that chance to escape, I thought there wasn't any humanity left in him."
"You think that was a sign of humanity?"
"Just a small one. But let me start from the beginning, I think it will be simpler to explain that way."

"There was once a small village, not that far from here. It was founded by a great sage, long before Lecroa's time.
"He chose to build his village there for a reason: it was where the boundary between the human world and the demon world was at its weakest. So he had crafted a great magical seal there, and the villagers were to be his disciples, and maintain the seal so that the demons would not escape into this world.
"And so for a long time, the villagers protected the seal. But as time passed, the purpose of the village was forgotten, and as more time passed, it was even twisted.
"Because the boundary between the worlds was so weak, the villagers gradually became aware of the demons on the other side, and dreamed of the horrific torments they would bring to this world. Most passed it off as nightmares, and told no one, but a few saw these dreams differently.
"They welcomed the demons."

"It's Lasphem, isn't it," Edwin interjected. "The Forbidden Village."
Blackbird nodded.
"You've heard of it, then."
"Of course. The full details were always unclear, but we were well aware that a demon-worshipping cult had taken control. They held the rest of the village hostage, save a small number of escapees, and the King was reluctant to order an attack until... their safety could be guaranteed..."
Edwin's voice trailed off as realization struck. Father Lepid looked on in puzzlement.
"What's wrong, my boy?"
"I saw a vision. The King, or perhaps an impostor, was in league with the demons. Could he have been on their side even that far back?"
Blackbird shrugged.
"There's no way to know for sure, and it hardly matters at this point. Regardless, I suppose you know enough about the situation that I can skip ahead a bit in the story."

"Though the cultists welcomed the demons, they were not completely corrupted by them. Indeed, they treated the prisoners well, refusing to kill even those that managed to escape; rather, they spoke of the glory of their demon masters, and the rewards that would await the faithful. Their goal seemed to be conversion, not slaughter.
"Naturally, a few desperate souls did convert. But many held firm. And the faithful, in general, regarded the converts with even more disdain than their original captors.
"But there were still close ties between some, no matter their choice. Mothers still loved their sons, brothers still loved their sisters. In the end, there are bonds stronger than simple faith.
"And in one case, there was a bond between lovers. Though she would not abandon Lecroa, he had sworn himself to the demons. They wished to marry, but the cult would not allow it unless she renounced her faith. And of course, she refused.
"But no doubt you know well how stubborn young lovers can be. In the end, they decided to take matters into their own hands, wed or not. They were always careful not to be seen, but in the end, they could not escape discovery. Not once the child was born.
"The cult's leaders were furious. This was a direct challenge to their power, and from one of their own no less. You might think they would administer beatings to the transgressors, but no; they were not so direct. They were, however, no less cruel.
"As punishment for their defiance, the couple's son would be offered to the demons as a vessel, and then taken away to be raised in secret by cultists in another city. Neither of them would see their child again."

"And that was Damien?"
"Good," Blackbird replied with a grin."I didn't have to spell it out for you."
"But how did you find out all this?"
"I heard the tale from his parents; one of his father's compatriots in the cult took pity on them, and helped them escape. From what they told me, it sounded like the cult was preparing a ritual and their benefactor wanted to spare them before it began; and given that the demons were first seen a few days after that, I think we can make a pretty good guess about what the ritual was."
"Damn," Edwin muttered under his breath.
"Regardless, you need to find Damien, and help him overcome the demonic influence. I have reason to believe he'll be drawn back to his birthplace, so that would be the place to look. Of course, it will also likely be dangerous; if it's not outright swarming with demons, their cultists will still be running the place. And they won't take kindly to outsiders barging in."
Edwin sighed.
"It seems I have quite a few things to take care of," he said. "Is there anything else I should know about Damien?"
"Yes. Don't let him use that crystal with his future memories right away. He might be overwhelmed by memories of the demonic side taking over; in fact, the small spark of humanity he still retains is the only reason that it might work out at all. You need to make sure he doesn't use it until he's strong enough to resist the demon."
"I understand," Edwin said. "And what can you tell me of Rhakkashalgaros?"
"Less than I'd like," Blackbird grumbled. "I've only got one piece of info, and it was damned tough to find it out. But you need to know it."
"What's that?"
"He's not a goddamned demon at all!"

Edwin blinked as he took in Blackbird's revelation.
"I don't understand. If he's not a demon, then... What is he?"
"I don't know what he actually is," Blackbird sighed. "But if you end up having to face him, which I fear you may, you can't fight him as if he's a demon. He's something else entirely, something ancient."
"Why do the demons revere him so, then?" Edwin asked.
"As best as I can tell, he was banished to their realm, asleep even then. But he could influence the minds of demons, just as they can influence the minds of men, and slowly they came to obey him."
Blackbird pulled out a small flask from his coat and took a sip before he continued.
"That said, demons are prideful. They don't like to reveal that they're following a non-demon, and indeed, it seems only his closest followers know even a fragment of the truth. You could force every one of them to tell you everything they know - no easy task given the power he's granted them - and you'd still be left with little more than I've told you now."
"That's all you know?" Edwin asked.
"All I know for sure, at any rate," Blackbird said. "I could tell you some half-baked guesses, but I don't think they're good enough to be worth keeping you away from home for any longer."
"I suppose not."
"And speaking of that, it's best you return now. This way."

Edwin followed Blackbird to a tunnel in the back of Father Lepid's cavernous new home. The old priest limped along behind them slowly. Before long, the tunnel seemed to end, and then Blackbird simply gestured for Edwin to step towards the wall.
As Edwin approached, a bright sphere of white light appeared from nowhere.
"This is the gateway," Blackbird explained. "Just step into there and you'll be back in your own time. Remember, you may be a bit hungry when you reach the other side."
"I'll keep that in mind," Edwin replied. "Blackbird, you've been a great help to me. Not just because of what you've told me and because you guided me here, but because of what you showed me."
"If you want to repay me, try your damnedest to fix things when you get back," Blackbird said with a smirk.
"That seems a fair price," Edwin laughed. He turned to the aging Father Lepid.
"Father, it was good to see you again," Edwin said. "It gives me great comfort to know that someone in the Church still has faith in me."
"May Lecroa guide you," Father Lepid replied, bowing his head slightly. "I wish you the best, Edwin."
Edwin returned the gesture, shook Blackbird's hand, and stepped through the gate.

And then he woke up.
Edwin groaned a bit. He was sprawled out on the floor of the abandoned shack. And, he noticed, he was more than a little hungry.
Was it a dream? An elaborate vision? Or had he truly traveled to the future? In his current state, all seemed possible.
Quickly, he checked his pouches. A crystal shard was missing, and two were carefully kept separate from the rest.
So it had been real, or at the very least something close to real. The Crystal of Truth had not guided him here simply to hallucinate.
Edwin breathed a sigh of relief, and reflected on what he had learned, and what he had to do now.

The King was in league with the demons, and held a Crystal of Truth. And the castle would soon fall. Edwin had to reclaim the crystal, and if possible reveal the King's deception and fight off the demons' attack.
What was more, the priest who had brought the Second Book of Lecroa to Mira's village had come from the castle. Might Edwin find the book there, as well?
And he had to find the young Mira. Edwin sighed sadly. She was so much like Alicia, strong in spirit, and refused to give up even in the face of overwhelming odds. Edwin needed to find her village, and give her the crystal shard to pass along the memories from her older self.
And then there was Damien. The boy was slowly turning into a demon, and Edwin had to save him. And hopefully gain his help.
The magic of Truth. Four heroes were needed. Edwin knew that even if he, Mira, and Damien were three, which was hardly certain, there was still a fourth to be found. Where would he even begin to search?

And, of course, he was hungry. For that matter, he was unsure if his horse would still be where he had left it.
He lifted himself off the floor, and thought about what to do first.

RE: The Broken Prophecy (Walls O' Text)
Edwin probably will just eat a truth crystal. What a dumb thing to do, Edwin! It's not even that filling and you have no idea what sort of magical consequences it'll have!

As for transportation > gypsies.