The Grand Battle S2G1! [Round Six: Eddelin City]

The Grand Battle S2G1! [Round Six: Eddelin City]
The Grand Battle S2G1! [Round Six: Eddelin City]
Originally posted on MSPA by cyber95.

"This still isn't good enough."
The Observer was bored. He had an awesome battle going on, and there were 7 others keep could be watching at once, but there's something a little more interesting about watching a conflict of your own design take place. There wouldn't be another Battle for quite a while, it seemed. Not with the All-Stars plan layed out. It seemed that he would have to wait a bit for another chance.
From behind him, a feminine figure appeared.
"I can see you, Composer."

"I know."
The Observer turned around, "So, what brings you to my parts? Heh. My parts." He coughed, to maintain some sort of facade of professionalism.
The Composer positively glowed with disapproval, but pressed on. "I am in concordance, Observer - somehow, all this carnage is... deficient." The Composer smirked.
"Well, Miss Smarter-than-thou, what are you suggesting? And don't you have your own battle to run?"
Ignoring the second question, she replied, "Simple. Start the next wave. I doubt anybody said you required permission to do so."
The Observer stared for a moment, not that he could make many other facial expressions, and would have smiled at the suggestion, had he a mouth to do so. "A fantastic suggestion! I don't know why I didn't think of it myself!"
"Because until I had the displeasure of meeting you, I thought the Cultivator was air-headed. Regardless, I must be going. I have... guests, arriving" The Composer made her leave quickly, giving The Observer no chance to defend himself against that sick burn.
"Right. Well. Time to go looking! The Grand Battle's second season is just about ready to begin!"

[Image: gbs2logogud.png]

Check it out, y'allz, it's a new season, because All-Stars at this rate is like, a bajillion years away! That's at least 7 bajillion dog years! Are you a dog!? Didn't think so!
What this means is there will be 8 more battles, with it's own All-Stars event perhaps maybe. That's also a long ways away, but people who feel left out and having to join one of those CLEARLY INFERIOR ripoffs where you're stealing or escaping or something, now can join THE REAL DEAL!
Bonus point: If you're already in a battle, don't worry too much! This being a new season, winning in season 1 doesn't disqualify you from winning in season 2! This should be obvious, but I feel it bears mentioning.

There are at least 8 threads with these at this point, but I'll cover the basics.

Eight entrants, each round, one dies. Once you die, you're obviously out. 8 contestants -1 each round = 7 rounds.
Elimination is decided by writing. Whoever has the worst writing goes. Things to avoid are godmoding or being straight up irrational, so watch out for plot holes. Knowing English grammar doesn't hurt, either.
Also, we have a lot of characters die due to lack of commitment. Please please PLEASE try to stay active.

That's pretty much all there is to know. Also, it varies from thread to thread, so I should state it. In this battle, your entrant has no clue what the hell is going on. They've been plucked from whatever activity they were involved in to participate in the battle, and have been given no forewarning or anything.


Username: Because I've included this in all of my forms so far, and I'm not stoppin' now!
Name: Your character's name.
Gender: If you can't figure this field out, I can't help you.
Race: Your species. Are you a human? A sentient suit of armor? An undead vaccuum cleaner? A starry blob from the far reaches of the galaxy? We've had all of these. Go nuts.
Colour: Pick a color that you'll post in, and your character speaks in. Helps differentiate the posts and dialogue.008080 is off limits.
Weapons/Abilities: Merged into one category for ease. What does your character do? How do they defend themselves? What makes your character special enough to be chosen for this battle?
Description: Who is your character? What do they look like, and what's their personality?
Biography: Finally, who was your character before they were brought to the battle?

That should be it. LET THE SIGNUPS BEGIN!

Arkal of the Silver Anvil - Dragon Fogel - #800000 - DEAD
Jennifer Tull - Lord Paradise - #008000
The Ovoid - slipsicle - #F4A460 - DEAD
Maxwell & Sikarius - Lankie - #0040BF - DEAD
Xadrez - Schazer - #80BBFF
Kracht - Wojjan - #80BF00 - DEAD
Keleth - Lisawags - #FF8000 - DEAD
The Divider - Archduke_Ferdinand - background=orange - DEAD?

Note: Ripoffs are not necessarily inferior.
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Originally posted on MSPA by Schazer.

Reservin' in this joint; could be a while due to exams and such though so feel free to shunt me for new faces or a full complement.

Useless edit: [Image: sickfiressmall.gif]

Less useless edit: My character!

Username: S to the Kaiser

Name: Xadrez

Gender: Genderless

Race: Higher planar entity

Colour: A whispery shade of 80BBFF

Weapons/Abilities: A knife that, oddly enough, can slice cleanly through nonorganic substances, but cannot cut living things. It gives off a piercing scream when exposed to the air too long, so Xadrez normally just absent-mindedly embeds somewhere on its person. The spirit possesses a keen intellect befitting a grandmaster (the chess variety, not the Grand Battle sort [Image: 2itfq4i.png]), a level head, and countless human lifetimes watching battles unfold, on a scale of duels to world wars.

Description: This spirit is a strange blend of deities - of strategy, war, fate, and chess. His physical manifestation (oop, looks like we'll be using the male pronoun for convenience) is that of a circular slab of obsidian, about 3 metres in diameter, rotating slowly. Above this floats the vague shape of a spectral humanoid torso, rising about a metre and a half out of it, fairly devoid of detail, with a pair freakishly long, jointless limbs ending in an indeterminate amount of slender fingers. Its head is smooth and round like a typical alien's, with huge, solemn eyes and no mouth. He says little, and reveals even less about his observations of the battlefield - unless it makes tactical sense to.
Xadrez is a master tactician, but also one who has learnt from observation rather than personal experience. Seeing how his tactics-crunching works while he himself is being calculated should prove interesting, to say the least. Tacit, and with every word carefully calculated for its impact upon the fight, Xadrez has made a living from treading lightly.

Biography: Xadrez spent most of its existence placidly observing the conflicts that occurred on the planet it watched over. Purely out of a desire to understand, it studied the pattern and dance and flow of men and weapons, and learnt over time to predict the movements of conflict. It carves all of its own board pieces from raw stone with his knife, and never removes a piece until certain of the demise of its representative. Sometimes, its predictions got so eerily accurate that it started to wonder whether it was manipulating the odds itself...
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Originally posted on MSPA by Archduke_Ferdinand.

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Originally posted on MSPA by Dragon Fogel.

Username: Dragon Fogel
Name: Arkal of the Silver Anvil
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Colour: #800000
Weapons/Abilities: Great strength and endurance, a powerful hammer (though he prefers to use it for forging rather than combat), and the ability to make a weapon out of almost any materials that happen to be lying around. He is also fairly adept at using various types of weapons, but doesn't trust any weapon he didn't forge himself.
Description: A large, muscular man with a long white beard. He carries a forge and anvil on his back, because he doesn't believe in leaving his equipment behind. Ever. (Yes, he's that strong.)
He takes blacksmithing very seriously. And if you insult his weapons, you'd better be prepared to show him that yours are better.
Biography: Arkal is a master blacksmith, and ever since his younger days, he has preferred to demonstrate the superiority of his crafted weapons by using them in combat. He has spent decades perfecting his craft, and is very well-renowned on his home world.
He never liked to stay in one spot for very long, so he started carrying his anvil and forge around so that he could work wherever he needed to. (He didn't particularly like riding horses, either.)
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Originally posted on MSPA by Lord Paradise.

Username: Lord Paradise
Name: Jennifer Tull
Gender: Female (definitely)
Race: Human (almost definitely; the royal genespinners are working round the clock to trace her back to Eve)
Color: #008000
Weapons/Abilities: Well okay let's break this down.

Weapons: Handgun, though swords tend to show up where she is.

Abilities: Royal heritage, natural ability to become good at stuff in a short amount of time, good at most things such as: swordplay archery deception magic leadership diplomacy fashion languages parkour gunplay sailing swimming chemistry zoology cooking sewing farmwork basic first aid salesmanship etiquette the fiddle some more alternative magic, solving riddles and other acts of insufferable cleverness, riding taming and sometimes just straight-up talking to any animal that could conceivably be mounted, making friends making enemies making pottery and in fact pretty much all the fine arts except poetry she always sucked at poetry.

(this character is a self-insert [img]images/smilies/mspa_face.gif[/img] )

Description: Not exactly the regal type by appearance, Jen is a short and moderately attractive sixteen-year-old girl but with the unique ability to wear obnoxiously bright lipstick in any color without looking like she's jumping on some sort of cultural bandwagon. Borderline hair that could usually be described as blonde in the summer and brunette in the winter. Always wearing something green: currently a small decorative green scarf. At the moment, if you really must know, she is wearing jeans a denim jacket and a pale violet shirt, hiking boots and carrying a purse with a handgun as well as some generic purse-y paraphernalia.

Biography: Given that her parents named her "Jen Tull" (in fairness they were high during most of the pregnancy) and the fact that she was, you know, an eleven-year-old girl, you might understand how Jen felt some absurdly stereotypical rebellious feelings towards her parents and authority figures and the world and such. This was of course before she found a secret door in a bookshelf in an attic of a treehouse in a labyrinth that led to a basement with a mirror and a dollhouse and it was all very complicated but eventually she made it to the Place, where a number of entertaining and best-selling wish-fulfillment adventures took place over the course of twelve years.

That Jen became queen of the Place and slew a number of evil beings while making peace with some morally-ambiguous beings from the Other Place surprised nobody, because that's kinda the package. What surprised the denizens of the Place was the sheer degree of ass she kicked in the process. Jen wound up her eleven-year reign with a public approval rating of almost 40%, the highest in the history of the Times of the Place. After that, she got restless, appointed a Regent in her place and went on a journey to return home, which eventually succeeded. Two years had passed in the Home while twelve years had passed in the Place (or maybe it was just two really long years, each with twenty-four seasons), making her a thirteen-year-old girl with no possible explanation for blah blah blah you've all read books before.

Still apprised of goings-on in the place through the Internet (which can be accessed by computers in the Home as easily as it can be accessed by setting live rabbits on fire in the Place), Jen settled into a fairly normal life at an orphanage under an assumed name and was only mildly discontent for a couple months until she realized that maybe she wasn't quite done kicking ass yet. She is currently wandering through Canada, on the run from the police because of some arson she did.
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Originally posted on MSPA by MalkyTop.

Hm, I might join this if I ever think up a character...and if I ever finish my stupid final projects...either way, I'll be watching this.
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Originally posted on MSPA by slipsicle.

Ohhhh shee-yit, I totally have a character for this.

Reserved for typing up at a reasonable hour instead of HOLY CRAP IT'S 5AM WHY AM I NOT ASLEEP


Username: Slipsicle
Name: Unknown (though, those whom have encountered it generally call it "The Ovoid")
Gender: N/A
Race: Unknown (again, those whom have encountered it simply classify it as "Fourth-Dimensional Entity")
Colour: This one (#F4A460)
Weapons/Abilities: No known weapons, appears to have limited flight/hover abilities, possibly minor shapeshifting.
Description: A featureless, perfectly smooth, tan ovoid which floats approximately six inches off the ground, and is about four feet tall by two feet wide.
Biography: As far as anyone can tell, the Ovoid is an appendage of a much larger entity, which exists in four spatial dimensions.

Imagine a piece of paper. The surface of this paper is an entire universe; except where ours has three spatial dimensions, this one only has two. Now, press the tip of your finger to this paper. Where your finger intersects this two-dimensional universe, beings in that universe would see a strange collection of lines, forming themselves into an almost-oval. They would consider your fingerprint to be an entity unto itself.

So it is with the Ovoid, as best as anyone can tell. Since it has had limited contact with intelligent life forms, the only thing known for certain is that we are not witnessing, indeed are unable to observe at all, the entirety of the entity. The Ovoid is the "fingerprint" of a single appendage of the entity which intersects our own universe. It is unknown how many other appendages it has, but up to three others have been seen intersecting at the same time (these have the same color, but are not a perfect ovoid). These other appendages appear in our three-dimensional plane with a maximum of fifty feet of separation between each other, though it is unknown exactly how far away they can be. In the same way you can place your other fingers on the piece of paper, so too the entity can place its other appendages onto our three-dimensional space. The Ovoid appendage has limited shapeshifting abilities (it can form faces, arms, or similar features in a semblance of communication, but all it has done so far is imitate instead of communicate). The other appendages appear to have shapeshifting abilities as well, but this is just an illusion as they move through our universe (for example, as your finger moves through the piece of paper, its apparent shape to two-dimensional entities would warp).

The Ovoid appendage itself seems to be... stuck in our three-dimensional space. It never displays the amorphous qualities of the other appendages, lending to the assumption that the entity to which it belongs is unable to move it through the fourth spatial dimension for some reason. The other appendages are not so limited, and can move freely through the fourth dimension.

The Ovoid drifts through the universe, occasionally being encountered by other intelligences, but no one knows what to make of it, and it moves on. It has never experienced the kind of control demonstrated by the Observer as it is whisked away, through the multiverse, and its reaction to such sudden stimuli might be all that's needed to reveal more about this trans-dimensional mystery...
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Originally posted on MSPA by Godbot.


But I'm out of my league.
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Originally posted on MSPA by Lisawags.

I'm not sure if I should do this... but... RESERVED!
Username: Lisawags
Name: Mr. Coconut or Coco for short
Gender: Male
Race: A coconut
Colour: #FF8000
Weapons/Abilities: Well, Mr. Coconut has a hard shell, so he can defend himself against almost anything but a blunt object. He can talk - even though he doesn't have a mouth or lungs - and roll around. Sometimes, if he concentrates enough, he can manipulate other objects that are bigger than him. Coco has to put a lot of strong emotions into it sometimes, though.
Description: Coco is a soul bound to a coconut from a powerful sorcerer. He's hairy, brown, and enjoys long rolls on beaches; he has gotten tired of beaches recently, though. His personality is... a sour one, to put it gently. He's usually in a bad mood and insults others if he gets a chance to. Because of the whole, "The angrier a spirit gets, the more powerful it becomes," thing, he tries to keep that emotion because it is the easiest to maintain. So, that is why he is such a bitter cynic.
Biography: When his soul still inhabited his body, he lived a dangerous life with absolutely no regrets; he did everything on impulse. He had done thousands of things from slaying evil wizards to having sex with exotic women from all over the known world. Yes, he was quite the playa. But one day - this can't be good - he went after the wrong wizard. Mr. Coconut had wooed the wrong woman, a woman who happened to be the fiance of a powerful sorcerer. Enraged, the mage baited Coco into a trap, extracted his soul, and sent it into a nearby ocean. Desperate to get to another "body" so he won't dissipate into thin air, Coco took over a coconut and became bound to it until either it broke, or he wanted to move on. He spent the rest of his time on the beach until he was whisked away into battle.
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Originally posted on MSPA by Wojjan.

quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur.
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Originally posted on MSPA by Lord Paradise.

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Originally posted on MSPA by cyber95.

Lord Paradise Wrote:
Sounds a lot like a Mary Sue, but I'm not sure if the fact that she's a Mary Sue on purpose should let me accept her anyway or not. So try to maintain some level of srsness and you'll be fine.

Lisawags Wrote:

Note: This season will potentially be a little bit less serious business than the previous.
That said, a fucking coconut is pushing it. Try to keep it relatively plausible. The Observer isn't going to choose a toothpick to fight in his battle. Please don't be in this just for the lulz.

If you want a weird contestant, I hear that Archduke will be taking one particularly outlandish contestant when he starts his this season. Otherwise there are all the spinoff games that people like to make. There's a few of those open for joke characters.
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Originally posted on MSPA by Godbot.

cyber95 Wrote:Otherwise there are all the spinoff games that people like to make. There's a few of those open for joke characters.
To be fair, not all of us can handle a legit Grand Battle. [img]images/smilies/icon_huh.gif[/img]
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Originally posted on MSPA by slipsicle.

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Originally posted on MSPA by cyber95.

slipsicle Wrote:
Sounds interesting. Approved.

Godbot Wrote:
cyber95 Wrote:Otherwise there are all the spinoff games that people like to make. There's a few of those open for joke characters.
To be fair, not all of us can handle a legit Grand Battle. [img]images/smilies/icon_huh.gif[/img]
Says who? The spinoffs are judged in the same way the main ones are, and if you feel qualified for those, you should feel qualified to enter a main one, too.
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Originally posted on MSPA by Not The Author.

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Originally posted on MSPA by Lankie.

ookk I don't know if I would be hypothetically filling slot 8, (all this reserving jargon, is making my head tumble) but sure i'll give this another go.
But if i've accidentally got in the way and i'm 9th, feel free to kick me out. ^^

Username: Lankie

Name: Maxwell & Sikarius

Gender: Male and undefined (though goes by 'him')

Race: Human and Bio Wyrm

Colour: This one #0040BF

Weapons/Abilities: Maxwell & Sikarius have a symbiotic relationship, Maxwell provides a home for the Bio Wyrm (his body) while Sikarius gives Maxwell strange morthing abilities. Think of it as hyper rapid tumour growth, which Sikarius can alter at whim. Maxwell on his own is physically weak.

Description: Maxwell is an 18 year old student, he has long, dirty, blonde hair and unnaturally green eyes. He wears a tattered white shirt (although now stainned heavily with blood) and a red tie. Standard black trousers and leather shoes. Maxwell has a kind personality, he tries to be optimistic and cheerful, but Sikarius' influence on him has dulled this quite a bit. He will try diplomacy before combat, but he is not afraid to fight.

Sikarius is a 1 year old Bio Wyrm. A Bio Wyrm is a parasitic organism which makes its home in human bodies. While the host technically dies, the Wyrm keeps them in a state of 'undeath' making sure there bodies stay functional. Bio Wyrms have a telepathic link with there hosts, allowing them to communicate with them, other people cannot hear them, they only hear its hisses and roars. They are intelligent and maleovent creatures, minipulating there hosts so they may acquire more food. Weak minded hosts are often turned into mindless slaves.
Sikarius itself has a slimey personality, always trying to convince Maxwell that what he is doing is the right thing to do. Despite it's evil nature, without Maxwell, Sikarius would die so he will keep him alive at any cost. While Bio Wyrms often stay hidden in the hosts body, Sikarius rarther enjoys sticking its head and long neck out of Maxwell's shoulder, so it may have a physical prescense over him. Apparantly he is the 'third' although he hasn't offered any more information than that.
Maxwell often calls Sikarius, 'Sik' for convenience.

Biography: Maxwell was once a completely ordinary student living in the Imperial city of Neon. He lived with his Mom, had lots of friends, enjoyed playing sports, there was nothing remarkable about him at all. Until one day he walked down an ally way, he saw a homeless man riving and contorting on the floor. Maxwell tried to help him, but he was completely unresponsive. The bum then lashed out on Maxwell, a strange creature bursting from its mouth, it sprayed Maxwell's face with a putrid liquid similar to vomit but burned to the touch. When Maxwell backed away, both the bum and the strange creature had died.

The egg had been planted.

Weeks later, Maxwell died in his sleep. Not that he knew, he woke up like any normal day, except for a small voice in the back of his head, urging him, to kill, to feed. Maxwell killed his Mother with a kitchen knife, he didn't know why. With tears down his face and an immence ammount of pain, Sikarius emerged from his shoulder, and feasted.

Since that day, Maxwell had hated Sikarius. His hatred was so great he could disobey Sikarius. He could have free will from this monster inside of him. But alas they needed eachover, for if Sikarius did not feed, they would both die. A year passed, Maxwell and Sikarius now wandered the streets of Neon, wanted criminals and and feasting on anyone who would stand in there way.

And then the Grand Battle started.
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Originally posted on MSPA by Aryogaton.

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Originally posted on MSPA by TechtonicLogician.

Username: techtonicLogician
Name: Keldorei, The Demon Shaman
Gender: male
Race: Orc
Colour: This one #008000
Weapons/Abilities: The orc uses a large two handed blade with which he channels elements into. This allows him to have a searing blade or a sword that absorbs the warmth out of an area only to blast it back out at any time. But the two handed sword also happens to harbor a dark spririt. At the moment Keldorei is long dead and the spirit has taken over the corpse, it has materialized as a mask on Keldorei's face. The demon has also enslaved several elemental avatars to bring out in combat .

Description: While alive, Keldorei was sort of like an arbitor who protected and controlled his clan. He has battle scars all over as the spirit doesnt care for the body as long as it works. The spirit is very manipulative and focuses on using Keldorei to create a body for himself.

Biography: Before taking up the sword and spirit Keldorei was a clan seer so to speak. He was basically the resident religious power, which focused on worshiping the elements. Unfortunately the area was dieing for reasons yet unknown and in order to assure he could get the clan to safety, Keldorei took up the ancient sword. He got a lot more then he wanted though and spent the rest of his life battling for control with the spirit. Though he eventually gained mastery over it he was already old and didnt live for quite long after. He imprisoned himself in a large tomb just before he died so the spirit wouldnt get out, but hundreds or perhaps thousands of years later the tomb was breached and the spirit set free. Now it uses the bodies decayed but great power to seek a true body.
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Originally posted on MSPA by cyber95.

TechtonicLogician Wrote:
Is this an original character? If not, I have to reject it. Otherwise, welcome aboard. It's just that I'm getting a huge "WoW NPC" vibe from it, and the fact that you probably didn't have anything to do with your picture of him.
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Originally posted on MSPA by Lankie.

oohhh cool i'm in! Shame i'm going sleepy times now.

err, have some crappy art of Maxwell & Sikarius?

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Originally posted on MSPA by Godbot.

cyber95 Wrote:Says who? The spinoffs are judged in the same way the main ones are, and if you feel qualified for those, you should feel qualified to enter a main one, too.
Grand Battles tend to have higher standards.
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Originally posted on MSPA by cyber95.

In the end, you're only being judged against your fellow contestants. I would say that it's true Grand Cook-Off and such are probably less worried about super quality, but the less joke ones like Grand Heist probably don't have any lower standards than this would.
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Originally posted on MSPA by Lord Paradise.

cyber95 Wrote:Sounds a lot like a Mary Sue,
Perish the thought!
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Originally posted on MSPA by Seth_air.

Username: Seth_air

Name: Kanadre Light Sprinter

Gender: Male

Race: Cristiali : an alien race with a mix of Biological and Crystal body parts ((arms, legs horns and tail))

Colour: 40BFFF

Weapons/Abilities: Biological weapons are his crystalline claws horns and tail. Biological abilities include Extreme speed up to 120 mph (can only hold that speed for 4 seconds before he destroys his arms and legs) his other ability is when his Crystals are exposed to darkness they glow.

Description: Kanadre stands at 6'4 with out his foot long horns coming his forehead. his light blue crystalline arms and legs are thin build for speed not strength and his tail stops just above his ankles a barb at the tip. His biological body is reminiscent of a human with a flat nose and black and blue eyes. He will try to out think his opponents Treating the fight as another hunt resorting to direct fights only in dire situations.

Biography: Kanadre is a hunter that grew up in the plains of the planet CR-864 where half of the planet is covered with light all year long and half is always covered in darkness. Due to never being exposed to the darkness All inhabitants of the Light including Kanadre Fear darkness. His tribe lives on the Out skirts of the twilight in perpetual sunset. Kanadre hunted the fastest animals for his tribe by chasing them down into a trap or taking them down with his horns or tail. he was also know as the the fastest Sprinter in all of The twilight.