Welcome Back! New updates and features!

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Welcome Back! New updates and features!
Welcome Back! New updates and features!
Greetings all! Eagle-Time is now Eagle-Time.org. (Don't go to the other site, it is bad now and will give you malware).

If you're new to the forum or would like a refresher, check out the information on here or here.

In addition to getting the site back online, we have added a couple of features that I'd like to share with you here.

-----Downloadable Threads-----

At the bottom of every thread you can now find a handy little button:
[Image: O994oTW.png]

If there is a particular thread you'd like to save for your personal backup, just select your preferred format and download.

-----Exportable Posts-----

Users can now export a copy of every post they have made on the forum!

This feature can be found in your user settings panel here:
[Image: 9Q1CieO.png]

Similar to the Download Thread option, this will give you a file of all of the content you have made on Eagle-Time. Note that this won't include posts made by other users, but it's a nice way for your to make a quick personal backup.

-----Age Gated Access-----

Eagle-Time is now an 18+ community.

Note that we are NOT a NSFW community. Expect that the content you post here could still be viewed by people ages 13 and above. However, visitors to the site under the age of 18 are not allowed to post or send private messages. Eagle-Time does not have the robust moderation team that it used to, and we simply aren't able to proactively maintain a safe space for minors like we have in the past. If you are under 18, you are welcome to view the site, but we ask that you do not post or join the discord until after you turn 18. I've added some simple software to support this, but it can't detect everything. Users who are discovered to be under the age of 18 will be banned.

-----Image Uploading-----

You can now upload images directly using the post editor by clicking this button here:
[Image: JnY1ugl.png]

Currently this feature hosts your image using imgur's anonymous api, rather than locally on eagle-time. This means that the only one who can delete an image once it is uploaded is imgur. This may be adjusted in the future. Of course you can continue to use your own image host if you'd prefer.


Credit to CSJ for the name, there is now an archive section on Eagle-Time.

You can find this archive on the bottom of the index page
[Image: s5ln2TE.png]

You can view the archive by clicking it, or you can "uncollapse" the board by clicking this little button on the right:
[Image: ZbVXZWE.png]

Currently the Archive contains the old Mediawarks forum, Old Announcements, and all threads that have been dormant since 2017. If you have a particular thread that you liked moved out of the archive, let a moderator know and they can oblige.

-----Reporting Issues-----

While I've tried to get things up to working order, I know there will be some things I've missed. If you notice a problem with the forum, maybe a broken link, an error page or a feature that is missing, you can reach out to me directly, OR you can also fill out the new reporting form.

The form will send a pm to the admin team letting them know if you've found something that needs fixin'. You can find a link to the reporting form at the bottom of every page. You can also bring issues up on the Feedback/Suggestions/Bugs discussion thread.

-----New BBCode Tags-----

We have two new BBCode Tags to help us address generative AI content usage and data harvesting on the forum.

The first is the ai tag:
Please use this tag to indicate any work that was created in whole or in part by using a generative AI (ex. ChatGPT, StableDiffusion). You can modify the tag to adjust the label presented under the content.
For example:

Looks like:
[Image: avatar_316.png]
Avatar made using generative AI
You must be registered to view this content.

-----Other updates-----

These are changes that are more technical in nature, but you may encounter them while using the forum.
  • The phrase "eagle-time . com" is now blocked by a word filter to replace it with "eagle-time.org". This keeps links in posts working and is for the best, because the old url is now redirecting to a malware infested spam site.
  • The site should be fully https compliant. This means you can't load resources from non https (http) sources, (there is another word filter in place that swaps url instances of "http://" with "https://")
  • We have an Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. These can be found here and here or linked on the bottom of any page.
  • The forum is now running on PHP 8, this has resulted in various warnings which are logged, but hidden from the standard user experience. If you run into an error proper, please report it on the Reporting Form

If you're still reading this, then you have may an interest in new forum features or development!

If you want to help with crafting an Eagle-Time adjacent forum, you can check out Beagle-Time [Image: u2xeMr2.png]. It's a discourse based forum with a strong focus on collaborative storytelling. While, originally it was intended as a possible Eagle-Time 2.0, I think there is enough divergence between it and Eagle-Time that it will eventually be its own thing (with different branding as well). In the meantime, however, it's a personal project designed to make a feature-rich and adventure-focused website with lots of tools for authors and readers to create and collaborate together. It is very much in beta in the moment, so if you're interested in contributing or providing your feedback, hop over and make an account.

Secondly, I've recently started my own journey in software development and if you'd like to see more about that you can check me out at Rhababo.com. If you enjoy seeing some of the updates here, and are feeling generous with your time, it would mean a lot if you could drop a review on my Review Page. If you have the resources and desire, you can also leave a tip, which will go towards paying for Beagle-Time server development and my other projects (and also give this new crazy endeavor of mine some extra legitimacy).

See you out there!