Welcome to Eagle-Time!

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Welcome to Eagle-Time!
Welcome to Eagle-Time!
[Image: banner_welcome.gif]

Officer Big Pecks welcomes you to Eagle Time! We hope you peruse these rules before diving into forum posting proper - bear in mind, though, that this is not an exhaustive black-and-white checklist of acceptable/unacceptable forumnular conduct. Use your common sense, and you'll do fine. Final decision of what is acceptable and unacceptable conduct lies with the modmins.

The golden rule:
[Image: banner_friendship.gif]

The golden rule (now spelt out for your convenience):

Be excellent to everyone. Everyone's a teamfriend, and you will treat them like teamfriends. Be polite as a rule and respect others' opinions, even if you don't necessarily agree with them.
No trolling. Your definition may vary, but "being disagreeable or antagonistic in order to elicit angry/negative reactions from others" probably factors into it. So don't do that. If you know what you're doing is trolling, cut it out before a marauding mod collars you.
Keep it clean. Don't encourage people to break the law, and don't post NSFW content. If you're unsure, run it by a modmin first. 
No bigotry. Slurs and other forms of bigotry are, to the surprise of nobody (hopefully), unacceptable. When in doubt, listen to other users' concerns!
Know the territory. Different subforums may have different standards of what passes for polite/obnoxious/tasteless/funny/spammy. Follow any rules stickied in them, and get an idea how things roll before jumping right in and accidentally defaming your name.
Don't be a dick. Don't pick apart the semantics of these rules, or try and argue yourself on one side of some arbitrary line. If you were punished, you were offending someone enough for a modmin to step in.

[Image: banner_justice.gif]

As on-the-spot measures for Duckreport rulebreaking Drudgerepond, warnings may be posted by modmins in-thread, threads locked until people cool off, or temporary bans can be given.

For continual bad behaviour by an individual, longer bans may be sent and serious problem children who can't change will be banned proper.

Eagle Time and Discondor are Thank You, Please No Creep Zones Thank You, Please . All forumites have a right to participate in our community without harassment or other unsafe+uncomfortable situations. Additionally, Eagle Time moderation has a zero-tolerance policy regarding romantic/sexual behavior by adults directed at minors. We treat reports about such behavior very seriously.

To this end, there are some things our members should keep in mind:
  • Eagle-Time is an 18+ forum. If you are reading this and under the age of 18, you are welcome to continue to peruse the forum, but we ask that you refrain from posting, sending pms, or using the discord.
  • Be honest about your age. Keeping your birthdate+age hidden if you prefer is fine, but please don't lie about it. The primary responsibility is (of course) on adults to keep their behavior appropriate, but it can be very difficult to do that when given misleading information. Lying about your age will net you a substantial ban.
  • Practice healthy boundaries. Moderation tools are a blunt stick. They can be used to support a safe environment for the forum at large, but (as we are all adults here) your wellbeing is largely your responsibility. Try to identify your limits, needs, and priorities to determine where you need to set boundaries. Don't stick around in situations+conversations which you're not comfortable with. You don't owe anyone your time or attention.

Having said all that, enjoy your stay!  Minion If you have any further questions about the forum's rules, ask around in this subforum or on Discondor!

Banner image credits go to Ed, who is a cooler dude than most.