Mod Action Log

Mod Action Log
Mod Action Log
This is a thread for logging moderation action we feel is serious enough that it requires a public announcement on the forum. Primary precedent being the April Ban Log forum announcement that was up from April of 2019 to the time this thread was posted (and itself just mirrored the Discondor announcement on the matter).

What warrants being posted in this thread and whether any prior mod actions published on Discondor will be mirrored here is still something under discussion, but this thread is here for now as a placeholder.
RE: Mod Action Log
Following the above 'serious enough to merit public forum announcement', this post is here to re-post/mirror our earlier Discord-based announcement regarding Devil/DoodleDevs.

It doesn't include the extended context around that announcement because that, while important to mention for the Discord community at the time, is not nearly as important as the reports concerning Devil himself. That context is still in the Discord log of mod actions, but we want this forum post to focus on the person who is as far as we know still actively harmful/dangerous.

Ban Announcement: Devil / DoodleDevs / [Devil]#0064

Devil, a 16-17 year old furry artist on twitter, moderator of his own now-deleted discord “DevilChat” & a new discord for his twitter fans, and contributor to the Fortuna community, was banned from Eagle Time and related communities back in May of 2019. This announcement was made in August, because of an initial concern the victims of this incident shared regarding their safety and wellbeing. After a few months of healing, the victims were then ready to step forward with their accounts regarding Devil’s abuse, manipulation, and preying on minors in order to prevent any future victims falling prey to Devil. He is an extremely dangerous individual, and should be avoided at all costs, especially by minors.

The following document has a lot of heavy content, including graphic descriptions regarding the sexual misconduct Devil engaged in with minors, as well as censored screenshot evidence. We recommend preparing yourself for this content, and if you are a minor, take extreme caution if you decide to engage with and examine this document (and honestly recommend you either take us at our word or ask a trusted adult to confirm it for you). We hold the safety of minors here at the highest priority, and while this issue is extremely heavy for people to engage in, we feel it is important for everyone to be able to grasp a full picture of the events, so that they can stay safe in this or any future situations. A heavy CW for the following: [mention of] child pornography, abuse, manipulation, sexual misconduct by a minor, blackmail.