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Full Version: Moderation complaints
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I regret taking so long to write this. However, the lack of a formal process for making complaints without contacting the moderators has been a significant factor in the delay.

I do not intend to come back here, but I will be happy to talk with anyone who wishes to reconnect. I would also be willing to talk with moderators about ways some of these problems can be addressed, on the condition that they do not make any attempt to defend the past decisions to me.

I will be available on Discord and Steam and I have e-mail notifications set for PMs here.

For anyone interested in my projects, I have a personal site at https://flyingisland.ca/ where I have an archive for Swamped and have started (but not yet organized an archive for) a new adventure. I intend to post new projects there over time.

Thank you to everyone who has provided support for me over this, whether directly or indirectly.